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Breeding the very best of the American Foundation Arabian.... heavy *Raffles with some *Raseyn and Ribal, as well as other Early American imports.

Our emphasis is on the beautiful "using" horse... the kind of Arabian that used to be the norm - and is now the exception!

Meet our "SuperStar":

Naibara Blaze Man formerly "Naibara Flalb"

A gorgeous stallion of rare old blood, "Blaze" was chosen by Bazy Tankersley of Al-Marah Arabians to come and stand at Al-Marah for the 2002 breeding season, so he could be bred to her highly valued collection of Dreamazon daughters. This speaks VOLUMES for this outstanding young stallion - and we look for GREAT things to come from him!  Click here for "Blaze's" page...



Our second in Command:

Camelot's Lonestar - "Star"

Not to be outdone by his older 3/4 brother, "Star" is the more refined of the two, with a beautiful head and a "look at ME" attitude. "Star" is the Halter Winner and the lover's boy. We are excited to see his babies and offer him to the serious preservation breeder.  Click here for "Star's" page...



We invite your inquiries! Contact us for a video and pedigrees, and please explore our website which has been recently updated... check back regularly for updates.

Two Blaze babies... like peas in a pod!






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